Whether you are looking to build your program or simply adding upon an existing framework we can help! 



  • Global classification review​​ of existing products

  • Binding ruling submissions

  • Product classification

  • Country of origin determination 

  • Anti-dumping/Countervailing duty review

  • Preferential Trade Program review (NAFTA, GSP and FTA's)  

  • Policy and procedure development - internal and external service provider SOP's​​



  • Pre/Post Entry Audit

    • Classification​

    • Valuation

    • Country of Origin

    • Duty

    • Preferential Trade Program

    • Record Keeping / Document Retention Requirements

  • Process and procedure internal audit

  • Service Provider Performance to SOP and service agreements

  • Focused Assessment preparation and support

  • Importer Self Assessment

  • C-TPAT preparation and support 

  • Mock audit

  • Training Issuance and Completion 



  • Government agencies - focus and interaction 

  • Classification

  • Duty assessment

  • Valuation

  • Related Party

  • Invoice requirements and documentation required to make entry

  • Anti-dumping/Countervailing

  • Record keeping 

  • ISF 10+2

  • Importer Self Assessment

  • C-TPAT

  • Pre/Post entry audit benefits

  • Reasonable Care

  • Preferential Duty Programs

  • Supply Chain 

  • Trade Updates



There are many reasons you may look to bring on temporary assistance  

  • Special Projects / Short Term Assignments

  • Vendor Selection Support (RFP/RFQ)

  • Temporary Knowledge Gap / Employee Development

  • Employee Transition / Temporary Coverage

  • Free Up Resources

We can help provide the support needed to ensure you keep your focus where it counts, the future.